Every family deserves restaurant quality meat at an affordable price

Mr Rou & Co is a family-run online butcher based in Sydney. It was established by Aris, a family man who has an ever growing love for food. He always made sure his family could eat the best food, which later transitioned into his mission of starting a food business that would connect his family & friends with quality food at an affordable price. 


Food is a language of love and a great way to bring loved ones together

We've made it clear about Aris' love for food but his love for his family is also undeniable. Growing up, Aris & his wife would show their love and support to their children by cooking home-made meals almost every night and treating them with delicious meals at restaurants on the weekends. Today, whenever there is a gathering with family and friends, we'll always make sure there's limitless amount and variety of delicous quality food on the table. We want to deliver a similar experience to our customers with our restaurant-quality meats.