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Wagyu Beef (Marble Score 6,7,9)

Product image 1Wagyu Beef (Marble Score 6,7,9)
Product image 2Wagyu Beef (Marble Score 6,7,9)
Product image 3Wagyu Beef (Marble Score 6,7,9)
Product image 4Wagyu Beef (Marble Score 6,7,9)

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Marble Score


We source our Wagyu from the best producers to ensure that the marbling is of the highest quality and tenderness is enjoyed in every bite. Wagyu is distinct from other beef types due to the difference in eating quality and taste.

We offer Wagyu with Marble Scores between 6-9, as we believe these grades offer the best unique tastes and flavour. Our personal favourite is Marble Score 6 due to the balance of marbling and creamier taste.

Flavour: Creamy and rich

Known for: Being unique due to marbling and from Japan

Cooking method: Barbecues, cast iron skillet and grill 

Used for: Japanese dishes - Thinly sliced and cooked briefly or similar steak dishes 

Bones: No

Serves 2: 500g

Note: All steaks will be cut into 250g pieces.

If you would like your meat cut another way, add a comment during checkout.

(Note: Stock imagery used for illustrative purposes only, the product you receive may vary). 


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